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A fish that lives in clean and clear water.
Biological Information
Location: The Pond
Length: 4.0cm (MT)
Reward Schedule: Schedule K

Killifish are a species of fish that were first introduced in Mysterious Times.


From March to May, killifish can sometimes be found in the cave's water pool between 10am and 7pm. From April to May, killifish can be more easily found in the pond at the Ruins between 3pm and 4am.


When Killifish is brought to the Fish Catalog, rewards are given based on Schedule K.

Size Icon Reward
Tiny Ancient Dragon Bones Ancient Dragon Bones
Small Ancient Dragon Bones Ancient Dragon Bones
Medium Phosphorus Ore Phosphorus Ore
Quite Big Copper Ore Copper Ore
Big Giant Fish Bone Giant Fish Bone
Very Big Orange May Lily Orange May Lily
Huge Pink Rose Pink Rose
Legendary Crystal Crystal
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